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What to do if You Think Your Teen is on Drugs

What to do if You Think Your Teen is on Drugs

Suspecting your teen is on drugs could be a scary time. It is also a time where you might have a few questions and not know what to do next. Before you approach your teen, there are a few things you should do. If your teen is in fact addicted to drugs, they will not...

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What’s Wrong With Excessive Alcohol Use

What’s Wrong With Excessive Alcohol Use

Alcohol is a legal substance however, the dangers surrounding alcohol are quite large. Since it is legal, alcohol is readily available at various locations at almost all hours. The legality surrounding alcohol makes many people ask, “what is wrong with alcohol?”....

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The Dangers of Peer Pressure

The Dangers of Peer Pressure

The transition from the teenage years to adulthood is hallmarked for being the time for finding out who you “really” are, experimentation, and risky behavior. There could be various reasons why a teenager or young adult gives into the pressure pushed on them by their...

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Social Effects of Drug Abuse

Social Effects of Drug Abuse

Addiction is a brain disease that can cause permanent brain damage, as well as severely affect both the mind and body. People that are experiencing substance abuse disorder often experience changes in their behavior, perceptions, judgment, and decision making. People...

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How the Family Affected by Drug Abuse

How the Family Affected by Drug Abuse

Drug and alcohol addiction can affect all facets of a person’s life, including their body and mind. One of the areas of their life that will become affected are their personal relationships with their family members. This family dynamic will be tested and strained in...

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How do You Live with Someone Suffering From Alcoholism?

Any amount of alcohol can prove to have dangerous consequences, some of which can be life-threatening. Alcoholism is more than the occasional drink or a random glass of wine. Heavy drinkers and those who binge drink are at an increased risk for developing...

How to Host an Intervention

Helping a loved one who is struggling with addiction can feel daunting at times. However, an intervention is an important event hosted by family and friends. This helps the person suffering to understand that they have the love and support of the people around them....

What are Gateway Drugs

The theory that if you consume “milder” drugs it can lead to more powerful drug use has been around for years. Identifying drug abuse is the first step in combating gateway drugs. Gateway drugs can take several forms, all of which are dangerous and could have life...

Drinking & Driving: How Dangerous is It?

The consequences surrounding drinking and driving are very real and should never be taken lightly. Those who suffer from alcohol use disorders are often the most at risk for engaging in driving while under the influence. Alcohol use disorders require treatment and...

Are You Struggling With Cocaine Abuse?

Drug abuse and addiction development does not mean you have a flawed character. It is not a sign of weakness. Those who suffer from cocaine addiction can often feel frustrated, confused, and may even be in denial. It is important to remember that recovery is never out...

Mental Health Issues that Stem From Drug Abuse

The brain is powerful, yet very delicate. Drugs and alcohol can severely affect how your brain functions, leading to serious consequences. Alongside addiction and substance use disorders, someone can develop a mental health issue. This could be a prior underlying...

How to Talk to Your Teen About Drugs

The teenage years are hallmarked as being the time of risk-taking behavior and independence. However, this time in a person’s life is also a crucial developmental milestone. It can be a confusing time for teenagers and a stressful time for their parents. But, talking...

How to Tell Your Family About Your Addiction

Those who are suffering from addiction, a chronic brain disease, can end up harboring their secret for too long. This could be due to experiencing feelings of guilt, shame, and regret. Symptoms and effects of addiction that are left untreated can end up being...

Alcoholism and the Functioning Alcoholic

When people think of alcoholism, they normally do not think of a successful CEO. The fact of the matter is, alcoholism can happen to anyone. Those who demonstrate success, despite their addiction to alcohol, are known as functioning alcoholics. Although these people...

Detoxing at Home is Dangerous

Detoxing is a crucial part of the treatment and recovery process. The process can often seem daunting. While detoxing can lead to dangerous symptoms and possibly life-threatening conditions, when it is done safely the risks are significantly lowered. However, some...

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