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Codependency and Addiction

Codependency and Addiction

Let’s say there is a married couple, Lucy and Tom. Lucy suffers from a substance abuse disorder such as alcoholism. Lucy’s alcohol addiction quickly encompasses everything about Tom’s life, to the point where he starts neglecting his own mental health and wellbeing....

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The Weight of Alcoholism

The Weight of Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse and addiction is a public health crisis that has been ongoing for at least the last several centuries. Ancient civilizations in and around present-day India were the first to ferment grain into alcohol. Civilizations around the Mediterranean Sea are...

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Alcohol, Heart Disease, and Women

Alcohol, Heart Disease, and Women

For ages, in our society, we've associated alcoholism with men. Similarly, we've considered heart disease to be a men's problem. But in recent years, those stereotypes are changing. Progress All of the progress made by women advocates over the years have often focused...

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How We Might Solve the Opioids Crisis

How We Might Solve the Opioids Crisis

According to an interview, one of the things that Breaking Bad got right was the life of a drug dealer, and how life becomes a combination of addicting, and ultimately irresistible thrills - the thrill is real, but so is the danger. Despite this, millions of people...

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What to do if You Think Your Teen is on Drugs

Suspecting your teen is on drugs could be a scary time. It is also a time where you might have a few questions and not know what to do next. Before you approach your teen, there are a few things you should do. If your teen is in fact addicted to drugs, they will not...

What’s Wrong With Excessive Alcohol Use

Alcohol is a legal substance however, the dangers surrounding alcohol are quite large. Since it is legal, alcohol is readily available at various locations at almost all hours. The legality surrounding alcohol makes many people ask, “what is wrong with alcohol?”....

Trends in Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is a widespread disease, affecting loved ones all over The United States. When a person experiences addiction, temporary and permanent changes can occur to the brain’s reward pathways. This can prove to be fatal. Below, we have outlined...

The Dangers of Peer Pressure

The transition from the teenage years to adulthood is hallmarked for being the time for finding out who you “really” are, experimentation, and risky behavior. There could be various reasons why a teenager or young adult gives into the pressure pushed on them by their...

Social Effects of Drug Abuse

Addiction is a brain disease that can cause permanent brain damage, as well as severely affect both the mind and body. People that are experiencing substance abuse disorder often experience changes in their behavior, perceptions, judgment, and decision making. People...

How the Family Affected by Drug Abuse

Drug and alcohol addiction can affect all facets of a person’s life, including their body and mind. One of the areas of their life that will become affected are their personal relationships with their family members. This family dynamic will be tested and strained in...

The Effects of Substance Abuse on Rural Communities

Substance abuse can cause brain, behavior, and body alterations that can leave an individual in a severe state of distress. This disease of the person’s brain can cause lasting and even permanent damage to not only their brain but also their body. Substance abuse and...

Living Sober After Treatment

Everyone can recover from addiction, although their paths to becoming sober will not always be the same. It all starts with the need and desire for change, beginning with instilling the belief that you can overcome the disease. Recovery remains a lifelong process of...

The Permanent Effects of Drugs on the Mind

All drugs have potential side effects that could be damaging to your mind and body. The abuse of drugs is known as drug addiction and is considered a chronic brain disease. Someone who is abusing drugs could experience short term or long term effects, which will vary...

The Effects of Alcohol on the Fetus

Alcohol has the capabilities to affect the bodily systems in different ways, often depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, as well as frequency. Addiction to alcohol can cause kidney failure and other adverse health effects. A pregnant woman who consumes alcohol...

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